After years of doing without, finally there’s an instrument that improves on the sound quality of the old Ringer timpani. Range, volume and tone color all meet my ideal of the Romantic timpani. The mechanism has been improved in many details such as the ratchet pedal locking system with smaller increments and the exact fine tuner. This allows the timpanist to bring out the finest nuances in tuning. It is a pleasure to make music on these instruments.

Prof. Rainer Seegers
principal timpanist Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Hanns Eisler School of Music, Berlin

Finally, an instrument with huge sound but without unnecessary details: Instruments by musicians for musicians. The timpani manufactured by Christoph Dörfler are undoubtedly among the highest quality instruments on today’s market.

Wieland Welzel
principal timpanist Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

I love the sound of the instruments made by Christoph Dörfler. No matter if it’s bass drums, snare drums or timpani, the versatility of sound gives me confidence that I am well-prepared for every concert.

Prof. Li Biao
international soloist, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, Hanns Eisler School of Music, Berlin

The orchestra has finally decided to purchase a new set of timpani and let me choose the manufacturer. A great joy, but also a great responsibility. Fortunately, there are Christoph Dörfler’s concert timpani. These well-built and technically sophisticated instruments don’t just look great, they possess this dark, this typically German timpani sound like no others.
That’s the sound that fascinated me even as a child, and I am very happy that Christoph Dörfler keeps that tradition alive. Add to this the excellent service and advice concerning any technical problem, no matter how small, there can only be one conclusion: DÖRFLER concert timpani are the first choice!

Martin Schacht
principal timpanist Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra

When the first set of timpani produced by DÖRFLER was ready, I was pleased to be able to test them immediately in a concert with my orchestra in the Berlin Philharmonic concert hall. I had lots of fun playing these instruments in the concert; the sound and above all the responsiveness greatly impressed me. My subjective impression from my chair was confirmed in every point by colleagues who had been in the hall.

Erich Trog
principal timpanist German Symphony Orchestra, Berlin

Already during his studies with the me at Berlin University of the Arts and the time he spent playing with the Berlin Philharmonic, Christoph Dörfler was thinking about perfecting the Berlin Timpani. I was very interested in the development and progress that he made, and in 1997 I went to play one of his new instruments with a sense of joy and excitement, as the result was exactly what I had hoped to find in an instrument developed “by musicians, for musicians” in the mechanical and above all the fantastic sound quality. The homogenous tone in the entire range of the set especially impressed me.

Prof. Oswald Vogler
former principal timpanist Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin University of the Arts

I have played timpani made by Christoph Dörfler for a number of years, not only in my own concert hall, but also on tour. The instruments, with their well-balanced kettle, have given me the possibility to get every type of tone I want, even in differing acoustics. The comfortable pedal mechanism with its fine increments is especially well done and allows quick retuning without resetting the pedal. The traditional set of five DÖRFLER Timpani has never left me wanting special sizes. Based on his own experience as a musician, Christoph Dörfler has fulfilled every wish of the professional timpanist.

Prof. Alexander Peter
principal timpanist Dresden Philharmonic, University of Music Franz Liszt, Weimar