Symphonic Snare Drums

Specially designed for concert use, DÖRFLER symphonic snare drums feature numerous consistently designed details that predestine them for orchestral use like no other drum.

DÖRFLER Symphonic Snare Drum 6x14

DÖRFLER Symphonic Snare Drum 6" x 14"

The shell is made of beech plywood that has been glued several times but is only about 6 mm thick. This gives the drum its characteristically warm, yet precise sound. A wide range of shell sizes is available, allowing the drum to be optimally matched to the work to be played.

The contact surfaces of the strings — so-called snarebeds — are hand-cut and can thus be adjusted to the individual use of each drum. They are also a basic requirement for the exact separation of individuals attacks. For the same reason, counter hoops made of a special cast alloy are used. They keep even the highest drumhead tensions stable via 10 tensioning screws each and allow the use of natural drumheads without any problems. Finally, single strings are used instead of the spiral carpet, which is unsuitable for concert use. Only they guarantee a fine response that separates precisely in all dynamic registers.

The strings are held in the specially developed strainer, which is certainly the quietest of its kind. Even in pianissimo passages, there are no disturbing noises when the strings are switched on and off. The solid string clamp guarantees a constant tension. The string tension can be adjusted quickly and sensitively via a large knurled screw.

Shell made from layered beech wood

High-quality shells made from multilayered beech wood

DÖRFLER Snare Drums with colour stained shells

DÖRFLER snare drums are also available with colour stained shells.


  • beech wood shell, wax finish
  • custom symphonic strainer
  • cast hoops
  • cable snares
  • batter head REMO Renaissance
  • snare head REMO Diplomat
  • natural beech colour


  • calf head KALFO instead of REMO
  • silk-wound wire snares
  • colour stain red, blue, black, or green


SCD 4134" x 13"
SCD 5145" x 14"
SCD 6146" x 14"
SCD 7147" x 14"
SCD 121412" x 14"   Tenor Drum
SCD 181418" x 14"   Field Drum
SCD 121512" x 15"   Tenor Drum
SCD 181518" x 15"   Field Drum

Other models on request